Banal dream thread


nobody likes hearing about other people’s dreams, but sometimes you just need to mention them

share your banal dreams here

last night i dreamt I met indie pop singer Frankie Cosmos (who’s music I don’t like) in Gamestation Woking (which shut down in 2010?). she was working there and putting stickers on OG Xbox cases. she was sound.


I had a really horrible dream yesterday that I was on the London Eye and was watching people try and escape the Grenfell Tower Fire through a telescope. I find awful dreams seem to shake you up for the whole day.


I love hearing about people’s dreams.


i dreamt i became a massive tory the other night cos i made a tory lady with her leaflets cry and felt sorry for her




You BECAME her!



sounds like a boring dream


Why aren’t we IRL friends?


Still have great memories of my favourite ever dream. It centred around a deer who could talk and me teaching them to eat an apple.


Last night I dreamt that I was locked in a weird eternal battle with Captain Jack Sparrow which culminated in him becoming some kind of higher being like Dr Manhattan from Watchmen and he forced me onto a bed with his mind powers where he was about to kill me but I made him remember when we were friends and the dream flashbacked to us having a nice time in a jungle.


Also had that thing where you leave the dream and start watching it on a TV, I tried talking but other people there shushed me and I was like “It’s only Pirates of the bloody Caribbean!”