Banal feat. bangers thread?


Let’s get through the last of the day with some bangers eh.


absolute monster banger that.


I want to go home now please


Also I’m hungry.


Banger, you say? This has been described as such.




I’m not sure i’m ever not hungry. There’s a chance this is due to IBS, mind…


Jesus walks quickly.






i have so much fucking work to do before 6.30pm arhghgh

probably not gonna bother


This could turn into a thread of absolute MIA screamers tbf


Man I haven’t heard this for years :grinning:


alright, I should be emailing or calling a recruiter again but I can’t be bothered - the only roles they’ve mentioned are in sales and I’m a huge dweeb and there’s no way could handle that

listened to the anna von hausswolff album for the first time. it was good but doesn’t have any bangers on it


i had the verse stuck in my head the other day and was like ‘what the hell is this song’ and then it clicked. massive choon.


Alright man? I’m with you on anna, I need to spend a bit more time with that record I think.


also the video has just reminded me of another stone cold MTV2 classic



just done the ocado shop