Banal feat. which UK city you'd move to



here’s a poll for you, if you had to move to a UK city (not the one you’re in if you’re already in one of these) which is it gonna be?

  • Lahndahn
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow

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If it weren’t for proximity to family, we would easily move to Glasgow


No Bristol?


Can we choose a city not named in the poll?




mebbes Sheffield


So bored. But loads to do. Could really do with a nap.

My parents are on holiday in Spain and they keep sending me loads of photos, ffs.


I really like washing up. So soothing, especially with proper fairy. Got a pile to do and really glad about it


Oof, toss-up between Glasgow and London. Have a lot more mates in London right now, think I’d quite like it for a few years at least. Spending a decent bit of time in Glasgow these days anyway, sometimes think it’d be a bit better craic to live in than here


Bristol would be first choice, Glasgow second.
Outside London just got the most mates in those cities, also lived in Leeds for a while and uh, no ta.


Definitely the best household chore.


@eltham @colon_closed_bracket @Smee



hoogy you’re already in london!!!


Like no offence to Birmingham and Leeds but why are they being allowed to big-league it?


that’s it, i’m closing the poll

…for an hour


coz they’re among the biggest cities


best crisp flavours that you love the most

  • Bacon
  • Prawn Cocktail
  • Those spicy beef ones I had at Notting Hill Carnival. It was hilarious actually because my mate Dean

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I demand to see Bradford in the list then



Didn’t fancy the choices, tbh. I’ve gone for London by default; the others are too far north (or are Birmingham)