Banal for pnik

I always wonder how Vehicle Registration Tax works. Never going to learn about it, just happy to wonder.

at any price. king of biscuits


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People should relearn how to tie their laces more efficiently btw, that can be your afternoons task

more shoes should have boa dials

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  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Fruit twist
  • Grape
  • Berry
  • Other

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my mate got pretty into weird ways of tying his laces for a bit. his shoes looked fancy, but pretty fucking stupid

Fruit Twist has the highest peak but lemon is just so damn refreshing so it’s my go-to

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still one of the best places on the internet


Fruit Twist for hangovers.

there’s a cool way to lace up skate shoes so they don’t look dorky

i never learned it though

Was literally googling that link rn

they’re all ruined

Everyone should move to this method already

My dad has worked at John Lewis his entire working life, so almost 40 years and counting. Probably a dozen or more different roles, bit that is a lot of same. Recently got a side job doing tours at the new Spurs stadium and said it is weird doing other work as he is so institutionalised.

Damn my vanity, if I didn’t have such a leatherface recovery going on I’d be able to play in the sun

this was the kind of shit he used to do

he had some deadmau5 trainers as well, what a pillock


just wow

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i used to tie mine right at the eye and tuck them in and just slide them on and off


Think the longest time in a job I’ve ever has been about a year and half
Why bother waiting around if it’s just to surrender