Banal for the new generation



Busy work afternoon for me :unamused:

Sandwich lad burnt my toastie and every moutful tastes of charcoal – £4.50, please

Someone create a banal tag please


sandwich_lad would be a good username imo


would like some chocolate please



I haven’t been to sleep :japanese_ogre:
Feelin’ fine


Exam in a minute. Bored already.


did it go well with the date, then? LAD


i had to read the description of that emoji to work out what it was

i mean I should have been able to work it out i suppose but still


gl e


Cheers pal.


^what this man said


Yeah cracking but I also took some speed :cop:


I’m on a train
I cant complain


Playing tennis after work, brought my sweat band with me so I’ll look the part.

@bird, you’re a tennis man, got any tips?


How very provincial seaside town of you :yum:


I want to go to the shop to buy chocolate but I’d probably have to swim there. This fucking rain.


#sitting down



adding words to be more descriptive


get on with it Erbyn!


might change mine


Been watching a macro do it’s thing for about an hour. I have the best job.