Banal for wednesday


you can have any one hot drink and one snack right now, what’ll it be?

just sat here playing final fantasy 7, heck of a day tbh.


probably one of those ridiculous coffee desert things


But hot, not frozen?


Cup of tea and an M&S chocolate flapjack bar please.

Just had a service meeting. Going home in an hour.


Actually, I guess that’s why you wrote “coffee desert.” Clever work, CTL :slight_smile:


Bit late in the day for coffee so I’ll take a vanilla chai twinings tea and the sort of chocolate flapjack you would find in a cornershop or petrol station.


Trying desperately to figure out how I can make this work on my mac. The internet tells me there’s ways.

I’ve just had an M&S iced and spiced bun as part of #WorldVeganDay, could go another cup of coffee rn.


… yes.


I’d like a hot chocolate (made with dark chocolate) and a bowl of pistachio nuts. #noholdingback


Pretty much the worst flappy Js on the planet


Those are phenomenal.




So, so tasty. I’ve got one left :sweat:


I would like a really good black coffee, and a Costa cherry bakewell.

Obviously I couldn’t get them both in the same place.


a mate of mine plays it on his iphone (i think) with the buttons on the screen :grimacing:


I’m about a third of the way through a mug of tea, so if that could just be topped up I’d appreciate it. Would quite like a Boost. That would be nice, I’e had three mini pizzas, two rounds of cheese on toast, and a tube of fruit pastilles already today. Oink oink.


Ooft! That’s what I’m trying desperately to avoid here.


Hot chocolate with whipped cream answers marshmallows and a slice of Victoria sponge please.

My thigh muscle is still spasming/ twitching - I’m going to count that as a workout.


could go for a kaffee und kuchen of some sort

where bounce are you in ff7?


Just gone and got some sort of white tea with rose thing, would prefer a Yorkshire tea, milk no sugar, and a blueberry muffin but you can’t get a proper cuppa on the continent