Banal for wednesday

Soya flat white and ermm a ginger nut.

Cup of tea in my favourite mug and a few of those small Kinder bars.

Got two hours and twenty minutes left here. So fucking bored. Can’t wait to go home and start FFVII*.

*Oh shit, I don’t think I have a memory card!

Where are you carm?


Still one of the most perfect responses ever.

Answers are whipped move your fucking cream.


About to go to waitrose.

I can recommend the yum yums.

My iPhone predictive text dictionary is completely fucked up. Some of the crap that it auto corrects to is ridiculous.

Not on dairybook at the moment.

Don’t care, they’re downstairs and I want one.

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just got out of corel prison after doing the chocobo race and just encountered yuffie. now i’m fighting the turks near the ruined reactor


great shout tbh, could absolutely smash one right now

i am currently having a coffee and some pistachio nuts, so that

you classy mofo

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cup of tea

i am weirdly not hungry but i suppose i’d eat a biscuit or something

i have a voucher for a free drink in costa (to the value of £2.35, can pay the difference if i want something fancy), shall i go and redeem it? (please note there’s a coffee machine for free here at work as well as tea available)

  • yes go and get it
  • don’t bother

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Wouldn’t bother tbh, but if you do go could you please pick me up a cherry bakewell?

i’ve heard about these bakewells :thinking:

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Big fan of Costa. High street coffee shop of choice for me.