Banal / Friday night dinner plans / aob?


Going to my favourite pizza place then to see Toy Story 4 ain’t I?

Today won’t end

Had a plus sized twix.

What do you think the next big nonfiction trend will be? It appears to currently be self help books with a sweary title

Going to Randy’s with the Bulgarian lads then off to see Toy Story 4


Holler Scott Chegg, I hope Toy Story 4 is good.

I’m going for a run tonight. Didn’t run yesterday so need to make up for that. Then I’m going to go home, do the washing, eat a bacon sarnie and drink a lot of tea.

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Yesss! A fellow day 1er, I look forward to your feedback

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Do you run everyday, or try to? That seems like A Lot

Got to drive to the supermarket after work to get a few things. Pizza for dinner.

Pop-up books for adults about famous wars.

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Quite regularly but not usually every day, however my training plan for my marathon started this week so I need to keep the volume up. During the plan I’ll be aiming for six to seven times a week, though that will include some easy/recovery runs as well.

I just went shopping while hungry and as a result have a surplus of food.

I will be having mozzarella dippers, followed by a sausage baguette and a spot of @colossalhorse’ hot sauce!

And whatever is on the telly


Gona order a big pizza soon I think, then drink.


Hi Scotch, others.

Out for a fancy meal with my wife tonight and proper looking forward to it!

Really hope Toy Story is good - will be gutted if they’ve screwed it up.


Reminded me I need to pick up chilli cheese bites from Morrisons, thanks.

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Reviews look good, but you can’t trust people can you?

Sitting here waiting for my boss to go offline then going home to eat pizza then lie around farting for the rest of the weekend.

If life has taught me anything, no. You cannot.

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Not like you


I also hope you have a nice time with the randy Bulgarian lads :grin:

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I know but I feel like I need to rest up.


AT Randy’s WITH the Bulgarian lads! You cheeky git!

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Hahaha what am I like?! I’m such a one


You’re a right card you are.