Banal friday

Got this dude on my case today aint i

what u gonna ask him?

Is this from an email?

sure sign of a man who wont take “fuck off mate” as an answer

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Link him to this thread.


I’m going to buy some gas

i just asked if he’s attractive


What are his favourite crisp flavours?


Jack mate, word to the wise: you’re competing with a reality TV star who can pump out an astonishing amount of jizz here. You’re not going to measure up.


Did it meet you well?

It did although I am a little full from Nandos and a crosstown doughnut

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Half day, making a veggie omelette at home

Just had a twix xtra, drinking a cup of tea

went to pick up my guitar from the shop earlier and I thought I was going to get really soaked, but it wasn’t that bad in the end

Umbrella dickheads were everywhere though

Just back from lunch. Had a pint. Sleepy.

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i’m so tired. just went to lie down on the bed and say hello to the dog and i nearly fell asleep.

checks watch


No-one’s in the office. Might sack it off at 3 and get some beers on the way home


can’t like this post enough

Might just start drinking in the office now tbh

I’ve got so much work to do I’m probably going to have to work through all of next weekend.

You’d think that would make me try to get a lot done now to try to avoid that. Well, you’d be wrong.