Banal / holiday countdown / a rant about car insurance

How long you got left at work?

Car insurance admin/cancellation fees, EY? Car’s been scrapped and I got to pay the insurers £67 for the privilege. Apparently admin fees to do simple shit like change addresses are £30 too.

My question to you, DIS, is how is this legal?


Three hours.

Because you probably agreed to it.

Got a classic “we’re supplying these products to customers on Tuesday. There aren’t any IP issues with that, are there?” thing to deal with. THANKS FOR THE NOTICE, CUNTO.

Banal / holiday countdown / a rant about car insurance

Old Blue Last, 8pm


Aye but I’ve not been with an insurer who doesn’t have these fees. Seems mad that it’s normal.

ARACI really know how to warm up a crowd

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If I’m having a quiet week I can guarantee the work will come in an hour before I’m due to leave for the weekend. Like you say, a classic.

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2 hours left until a week off! Need to finish writing a paper before I go. Don’t seem to be able to write more than 10 words without getting distracted :grimacing:

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Cracked open my work easter egg. DGAF M718963


I’m trying to do a job app so obviously I have learnt all of the internet today

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leaving in half an hour


Ate one of these last night.


Deafened my Lindt bunny last night. Going for full decapitation when I get in


1 stinking hour and 50 stinking minutes to go!

Managed to really badly talk my way out of that ‘nah’ email I sent earlier. Why do I do this kind of stuff? Who replies to spam emails, fucking no-one that’s who.

Dunno how much you pay (I drive a Ford Ka and I have 10 years NCB so I pay barely anything these days) but is it not cheaper just to let it run its course?

Unfortunately it was a very new policy and £50 a month so no. Shit one!

Link to this discussion please!

Not much discussion happening I’m afraid chief, just people enjoying my idiocy :sleepy:

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How did you get yourself out of this caper. What was their initial reply?!

my wife got a home insurance renewal email the other day, said it was going up from around £200 to around £450, which seems ridiculous, especially when putting in our details on their own website quoted around £200 again.

called up to cancel/haggle and they said fine, they’d try and match it. wife was annoyed as they said if they switched me to be the main policyholder it’d bring it down by £40 automatically (could be credit history related as mine is good and hers is non-existent?), but to match the £200 they needed approval and they’d call back on Monday to confirm they had it. they didn’t call back.

called up on Wednesday to ask wtf was up, they said they’d call back by the end of the day to explain. they didn’t call back.

quite tempted to let this all play out, and then when they eventually get back to me and say “ok cool so happy to renew?” just say no and go with someone else, just to mess with them.

2 hours 14 minutes to go btw…

They sent me a very dodgy link instead of an attachment and didn’t include my name or anything so for some reason I thought I’d email ‘nah’ and then they came back to me and apologised and included an attachment. I was just very honest and was like ‘I thought you were spam ahaha, ready for Easter ain’t I lol’ effectively.