Banal how many people

have you talked to today…verbal communication only

i’m on five


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At least nine.

3, or 4

very low considering I’m in a big office with my colleagues

Sorry, ten.

I’d have to say twelve

if I speak on a conference call, do I include all the people who are dialled in?

No, they were bots

TV, fruit and veg man, cornershop lady.

old blue la

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17, I reckon

do you think any of them were listening (this is a comment on how people are on conference calls and not on your no doubt interesting and useful contributions to the call)


NO. no phones only face to face counts.

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Wait, I’ve taken a shitload of calls and was downstairs for a bit.

Twenty. At least.


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also 0

Just four.

Far too many.

knew i should have put that in the OP

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Think i’m about 9, and aside from my wife and children, i hope that’s the total of how many it will be.