Got a spiced ginger tea on the go. It’s fine.

just made myself a tall boi (coffee)
who needs sleep anyway

My peppermint tea is steeping, it will also taste fine.

How does it smell?

I’m drinking coffee from a machine in the hospital I’m currently waiting in. It’s below par.

Edit: not actually tea

got a soft spot for properly shit vending machine coffee

Surprisingly, not that minty. On the Tesco own brand.

Since it’s the banal thread, I’m sad it’s post 3pm, my own caffeine cut-off, so can’t have another coffee and get that sweet scent for the last few work hours.

I used to work in a place that had vegetable soup in the vending machine. It was grim and sometimes had a bit of undissolved powder at the bottom, but I used to mainline it.

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My parents only drink instant coffee, so developed a major tolerance for shitty coffee through my yoof. I find it comforting, reminds me of kids football games on a rainy day and stuff like that.

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Just found out that we got a couple of outside power points fitted without asking. Going to Griswold the living fuck out of this house Chrimboside.


I remember my parents getting a cafetiere after a holiday in France and every Sunday they would have ‘real coffee’ instead of instant like they were royalty.


I think if I were to get a tattoo it would be the last panel of this.

I’ve had this thought for about 45 seconds now and have decided that it’s a winner.


Still can only get instant round my ma’s, prevents me from ever going full aeropress wanker

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How many toothbrushes do you have on the go

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My partner has an aeropress so I’ve made the transition (it’s great).

No tea. Coffee. Accidentally eaten 2/3 bag, can’t leave the last 1/3 so there we go


I am having an Earl Grey.

Fucking love those crisps. Maybe the best of all the crisps.

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