Banal + least appealing thing happening near you this weekend

Sounds like a rejected title for a Jane Austen novel.


See you there!

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I’ll be the one in the college cufflinks.

Jesus sufferin fuck Eps, we get it, you went to Cambridge



I’ll be the braying twat spewing hot air into the void



Shut it, Kelvinside twat.

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anything Halloween related

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Oh good god

"Every sunday, we invite you to throw on your most eccentric outfits, and join the bohemian walkers outside Brighton train station at 2pm. From there, we will choose a good walking route into the south downs and spend approx’ 3 hours exploring the beautiful countryside around Brighton.

We definitley encourage glitter and eccentric outfits, as well as those who can play instruments to sing along to, and those who would like to read poetry and stories along the way. Please also feel free to bring small dogs and other eccentric humans (or deities).

A great opportunity to meet other eccentric bohemians! (See definition below) …


  • You are an artist, musician, writer, poet or self-proclaimed midnight campfire philosopher.

  • You live in an unconventional way, refusing to conform to norms of society.

  • People have described you as radical, a vagabond, a renegade or ‘good in small doses’.

  • You will fight for your beliefs in truth, beauty and love! Often, this involves paint.

  • You have been spotted drinking wine from empty jam jars before.

  • You have travelled to many places, absorbing and adoring cultures all over the globe, sharing rooms with many beautiful strangers and perhaps once, a pet monkey.

  • You dress eccentrically in odd colours, wild textures and enormous hats- choosing to express and redefine beauty visually, and have on occasion, woken up with glitter in your eyes.

  • You prefer to live on the breadline, choosing freedom over money.

-You are often ‘that person’ who always brings up debates on the meaning of life and spirituality at the local pub.

Look for eccentric outfits waiting just outside Brighton train station, every sunday at 2pm. You can spot me as I will be there with my two chihuahuas! A foxy ginger one and a cute brown one. It’s always good to check if the group is still walking each week (if it’s heavy rain, it’s probably a no), by texting me on: 07986460011.

See you all there!

Kubi May xx"

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How dare you sir

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…think I’ll stick with the Tories, ta.

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You’ve obviously never been to Brighton.

Jesus fucking christ.

I love Brighton but this shames us all

Hard to believe this person had to make a Facebook group to find people to go on a walk with them.

“Hi I’m Amy and I’m a Bohemian”


Thirty eight minutes until my next break, three hours and eight minutes until I finish.

Genuinely thought this was a joke before I read the description.

> go north


Looks like it’s just the tree fellas that are interested.