Banal + least appealing thing happening near you this weekend

“You have a trust fund”

Very good.

> Bogle to Aswad

It’s funny because there’s three of them.

Pretty gutted I missed this last night to be quite tbqh:

Honestly can’t believe this isn’t on 87 likes by now. COME ON!

It’s no Bohemian Walk but still


hah, yeah they look like a right bunch of… oh wait “walkers”

Mate, I made a brilliant joke about Anthony Kiedis last night and it took practically the whole evening to tip into double figures.

Bohemian means you’re from a certain area of what is now the Czech Republic doesn’t it?

the whole West half incl. Prague

Epimer, please. Some of us are still mourning. #toosoon

has he been struggling to connect his PS2 to his television again?

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I believe you’ve misgendered two of them.

wasn’t keen until I saw that there will be a mime

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haha. No, Lo-Pan happened to type something that would fit perfectly into the RHCP’s “Can’t Stop”

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Gyles Brandreth has let himself go


DCI John Luther (2010-present) > Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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Luther Vandross (1951-2005) > DCI John Luther (2010-present) > Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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