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What’s occurring locally, fellow procrastinators?

Nottingham is reeling after finding out it can’t be considered for Europe’s City of Culture 2023 because of Brexit. Like this grotty pisshole had any chance of winning.

Britain’s most dog friendly pub

A pub in Berkshire has been named the most dog friendly in Britain.


Catford has recently had these painted under some railway bridges:

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Same but Leeds

It’s all about the tramps



Oxford City Council are are revisiting plans to build a train station 200m from my house - could be quite good!

These look pretty cool.

I remember reading a kid’s book when I was a kid called How’s Business. It was about an evacuee from South London who was evacuated to his aunt and uncle’s in Lincolnshire. After not hearing from his Mum in a couple of weeks, he stowed away on a coal train from Sleaford and ended up in London. Once in the ‘smoke’, he wasn’t sure where he had to go, but boarded a Trolley Bus on the basis that it had Catford on the front and he remembered seeing a bus with Catford on the front once.

It turned out he lived in Catford, his Mum had been bombed out and there wasn’t a witch in the derelict house.

doubt you’ll see a better headline today


Fun times in Cork City.

BREXIT may be to blame for an increase in organised begging on the streets of Cork, a leading immigrant support organisation has said.

NASC, which works to promote the integration of immigrants in society, has raised concerns that vulnerable people are being trafficked into the city and forced to beg.

Fifteen people were arrested at the weekend in the city in connection with on-street begging. Communications officer with NASC Jennifer DeWan said she believes the issue is becoming more prevalent in Cork.


You’re obvs going to spray “talk this way” underneath it, right?

I have to say, LADY WHO LAUNCHES absolutely did me.

Breaking new from the Wimbledon Guardian:


It’s been a busy news week in Tunbridge Wells:

Local MPs Tory McToff-Features and Bentham Barrington-Bumface have thrown their weight behind Philip Hammond’s radical budget.


these are all real


Some good news - The Cellar music venue, which looked like it would close now looks kike it will stay open.

scoops aplenty