Banal monday pm

my day is going quite fast, can’t believe it’s three already! how fast is your day going?

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trying to cut down on snacks so i’ve saved my misery banana. woo. hoo. hm.

Got a meeting at half past. Hopefully that’ll run out the clock and I can fuck off home a bit early.

Anyone good at revenge? Dickhead cleaners who look after the holiday home next door have blocked the alley behind our houses with their bins, meaning we can’t get ours out.

Note: we’re moving in a week or so’s time, so I’m all up for incinerating bridges.


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I’ve got a full bottle of fish sauce in the cupboard; surely that’s gotta be involved somehow.

Hmm, where were they before?

The bins? Presumably in their garden, where they should be, and where literally everyone else keeps theirs.

Hi Eps.

Was interested yesterday to see Reece’s have seemingly copyrighted the colour orange for their chocolate bars. Is this possible / true?

Copyright / patents same diff yeah?? Yeah???

For context, this property is an utter nightmare to live next door to, and the guy who runs it is a weapons-grade berk (whom we’ve already asked a few times to shift the bins back into their garden), so I’ve no moral issues with fucking with them on this one.

set fire to them, obviously

It’s a classic, but ideally I’d like to avoid plans which would likely result in the entire street burning down.

just been sat in my pants in the garden. Been a nice way to spend an idle half an hour


I forgot my headphones today so I’ve been rinsing my Bandcamp back catalogue through my work’s USB headset (hello @Bamnan!). been oddly liberating, having a small bu essential paid-for catalogue of my own music to listen to. like turning off Spotify made me pay attention again.

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Had a look in Sainsbos there for those Ruby KKs and couldn’t see them :slightly_frowning_face:

Haven’t even had my lunch yet.

Leave a note sellotaped to them explaining how it inconveniences you when they do this, and ask politely for them to not do this in future but that you’d be happy to talk it over when convenient. That’ll show them!

See that bit of paper atop the black bin?

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My guess is that the language you’ve used isn’t as loving

think I might cancel my spotify subscription soon. I only really listen to the same handful of artist anyway and these days when I’m off for a walk I usually prefer a podcast cos I’m old and boring

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Different rules between US and EU but last I checked it was possible to register a trade mark on colours, but that was pending a referral of the Loboutin case to the CJEU. I don’t follow the case law, ain’t my job.

Trade marks, copyright and patents are all different.

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it is very good for my kids and their obsession with Disney soundtracks.

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