Banal of the Weds

Is it too early? Not enough banal here for my liking today.

Got a coffee. Got a lot of biscuits near me. Also got a too-ripe banana.


left my phone at home

Where are you now?

Just bought this for a first birthday

And seen a wimpy. Great day

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2 yum yums down, 2 to go. Hangover… subsiding.

I still feel pretty dreadful from this cold and I have zero appetite.

Might get a cup of tea.

Just had my free pizza and a Solero for lunch pudding


Doing work

You can’t post about doing work in the banal thread m9.

too banal?


i did a bit of work and now cba

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BoReD out my mind mates

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why is work so shit

can’t we just go play outside?

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Christ it’s not even 3pm yet. Thought it was at least 4. Old Father Time you massive prick.

because money

I’m wireframing dashboards - it’s as banal as it gets

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It’s stopped raining :frowning:

Biding my time before I eat my banana, because it’ll be ages until dinner later.

need to write a one line email but I cba