Can I make this thread? Is that allowed? Are there Banal thread guidelines which I’m breaching? If so, sorry and delete this. If not then hold onto your butts…

I still haven’t quite mastered how to scroll through threads on this board on desktop. What am I doing wrong?

Had the co-op Onion Bhaiji sandwich for lunch and it was a solid 8.5/10.



Tottenham Court Road Sainsbury’s have started doing these fucking LOADED wraps. like, they’re literally bulging with filling.

its these -

been banging them down the past 2 lunches now - solid 9/10s


press up and down arrows


want: a coffee
might: buy a coffee
might: make a coffee


my eyes are quite dry tday

will get a cup of tea at 3pm

might have some chili heatwave doritos too

need to go home via lidl for some stuff to make a pie tonight

god i hope we can get the leak sorted



Taking a break around three. Only have to do three or four emails today and then I’m giving up.


But the scroll bar on the far right always runs to the bottom of the page when the middle bar on the thread is about halfway down?!


Alright, Mike Skinner


this is correct. tea o’clock, innit.


u wot m9


My friend wants me to play lonely this christmas at an open mic night

  • Lonely this christmas
  • Noknees this christmas

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I’ve finished my audiobook :confused: What now!? Help. I need something else.


‘working’ from home. so quiet with work atm. feeling really low today. want to sleep.


learn to play twist and shout on guitar!


Good suggestion, but I need to do my work whilst I do it so maybe another time :smiley:


Bought my labels from Rymans and printed them all using the company ink. Take that, the MAN


did you touch my bike?


What book was it? Get another one! Yes Please is good fun on audiobook - so many good narrators.


Murder on the orient express!


Eating some sunflower seeds