banal predictions special

predict something that will happen before 5pm

I’ll go for a wander around the office and have a chat to people instead of doing work


Hopefully more great threads like this one!


yodel driver: there are 15 deliveries ahead of you

prediction: i will not receive my parcel before leaving work at 5pm

hope your practical joke thread goes really well mate

It’s so shit

prediction: over 100 replies ITT

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I’m gonna drop a 10p coin in the corridor.

It’ll be gone before 5pm.

I might make dinner in a minute, is that too early to have dinner?


fill your boots, but you’re going to need something else later IMO

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Oh I forgot to say that it had gone within about three minutes.

I’m going to think about being in trouble for forgetting to buy paneer (the trouble won’t start until post 5).

still 10 stops ahead of me in the queue

90% chance will go for a poo. Some senior mgmt are gabbing outside the toilet, just waiting for them to disperse. There’s a risk that 1) they might talk to me. 2) they might notice how long I intend to go for said poo.

fucks sake. stop talking already.

I’ll have made my daughter’s dinner

what is she / you having?

She’s having lentil Bolognese. We’re having seabass with puttanesca sauce (making that now) and roasted veg, later.

Coast is clear! GO GO GO!

It’s gone 5pm though.

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