Banal/ pub countdown

55 minutes till pub for me

Just ate a kk chunky and a twirl

go a couple of sumas

Not happy with either of these. Not happy at all.

I’ve been pigging out all day on someone’s last day snacks so I really don’t need anything else.

Dinner at 7. Probably pub after that.

i might not use KK chunky again - but sumas is here to stay

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Here’s a banal one for you: called up my GP surgery to get a non-emergency appointment, thinking it would be at least a week away and in the middle of the day. They’ve only gone and bloody offered me one this Sunday! A GP appointment! On a Sunday!

The only downside is that it’s not with my usual GP, but I’m fine with it because that guy’s a cunt.

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last day then off for 11 days for me. Going that London. About to have a cup of tea delivered to me. Got a ready meal and a backlog of work to do this evening before being set free. Woo!!

I can’t think of the word this is meant to be, I can visualise the thing it but I can’t quite get there. I keep on settling on Sumatran Rat-Monkey from Braindead.


are you trolling me witches?
edit : no you wearn’t

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TBH they are “easy peelers”

I just call all small oranges sumas

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48 minutes to go :grimacing:

Gotta put this bed frame together tonight and then I can enjoy some :pizza: & :wine_glass:

This thread keeps getting worse.

are there wooden slats - or more of a metal lattice?

wooden slats are always a ball ache


Stop being so damn tasteful J_I. You need some hideousness in your home. If we were RL friends I would have begifted you with some kind of ugly decor by now.

Wooden :expressionless:

enjoy that wine and pizza at “later than you anticipated”


Going to see Henry Rollins do some travelog this at The Royal Geographical Society this evening. I’m assuming it’s going to be…good?

Anyway, it’s next to Royal Albert Hall which is rubbs for pubs (apparently many of the area’s developers were members of the Temperance Movement). Anyone got any tips for around there?

Nobody cared/ saw this in the daily thread so I’ll try again


:grinning: it’s only a cheapo Ikea one (got some pretty ridiculously good reviews though).

The ugliest thing we own is one of those ‘this house runs on prosecco’ bollocks things that my wife’s auntie gave us. It’s hung in the kitchen but most days I’ll turn it round like an open/closed sign on a shop.

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Maybe I’ll do the wine before I start, might make things more interesting.

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I always sing

when i eat an easy peeler