BANAL! (Relationship advice from Robert Frank)

revenge is a dish best served swole

It’s half past 2! I’m going out to get a bagel

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Had no fewer than seven (7) keys cut over the past couple of days.

What’s the most keys you’ve had cut in a 48 hour period?

Eight (8).


thanks for reminding me, i’m off to get some keys cut

My nice H&M copper plant pot has arrived so I’mma grow up some cotton flowers as a wedding anniversary gift.

Get at least nine (9).


Oh shit yeah Jezza I forgot to reply to your dress idea thing!

I like the idea but I’m not mega keano on that particular dress. Is that her style tho?

I’d probs prefer some beaut cotton PJs like

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Oh thanks pal! It’s not particularly her style but I thought it was quite cute. Big fan of those pjs though, a very good shout.

i’d be like omg babe love them
and i’d live in them forever

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I bought some pegs the other day (Minky Sure Grip). Pretty sure that’s the first time ever I’ve bought pegs despite being a long time peg user.

wo it’s exhausting just listening to that dude

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is his voice a bit compresses or something?

@meowington is that man real?

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Send me a link to your nice pots please. I am always on the search for nice (I know, whaaat?) pots!!

It’s this wee fella:

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I’m always so raging that the kids stuff is cooler than the ladies!! Look at these!!! I want them :heart_eyes:

This is obviously why they don’t go any higher than 7-8 years… I’m wondering if I could squeeze myself in :grimacing:

Posted this in the heavy handed satire thread but jesus wept.

omg Next had women’s ones just like this last year but maybe it was with zoo animals and they were so amazing! I don’t know why I didn’t get them :frowning: