banal request

oh god, i’m crashing so hard from my long lunch

wuu2 huns

any snacking

what u doin 2nite

please god someone say something to make the pain go away

On my way home m8 cheerthxbye


I have no snacks so am having a cup of “buttermint” tea, as is traditional.

Tonight I am waiting in for an online shop and maybe learning some new chords.

I am sorry for the low quality of this post but my life is simply not very interesting.

Might get a curry tonight after ‘retiring’ from curry around 4 months ago due to the catastrophic effect on my physiology

  • Get one. Lol
  • Please look after your bodily wellbeing

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16 minutes until hometime

bike club bollocks meeting later

got some leftover halloumi stew thing for dinner

other thingssssssssss

Could go via canary wharf to but the new Atwood book after work, as my local Waterstones is gonna be closed. But will getting the jubilee line at rush hour be awful

  • Get the book, risk the awful train
  • Don’t do that. Go home.

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Love a bunch of her work but there’s no way this is gonna be good

Off climbing.

Had some crisps, plain. I doubt this helps, sorry Eric.

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omg. so bored lol

still exhausted from moving house at the weekend. could do some unpacking, but i think after work i’m just gonna drop by spar and pick up a shit pizza with some toss to throw on it and maybe have a beer or two

I don’t know who or what a “jubilee line” is but I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine, you fancy big city folk are always complaining about public transport but how bad can it really be.

Waiting for some stuff before I can hopefully leave
been in since 5am, So tired
Thinking about treating myself to a bath and some max jalepeno cheddar crisps when I get home

Unpacking is the fucking worst. Well, it’s not as bad as packing tbf but it’s still extremely bad. Treat yo self.

Ooh, recommend me something to listen to on the way there. Bus leaves in 10.

Something good please.

Metallica - Master of Puppets

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This five times so you can visualise climbing away from whatever that noise is

Sorry, my bad.


Something else

Metallica - St Anger


only some kind of monster would recommend that