Banal (Snack Edition)

3.5 ours to go -_- extremely happy with my snack though, a cappuccino and one o’ these

Wuh buh yuhs?

never mind that, lets talk about your keyboard!!2!

i was hoping you’d notice it :relaxed:

not you specifically

yeah, i’d eat that.

kinda want a pineapple cake now. trying to be good though so will have a piece of fruit if i’m going to have anything. or maybe just throw myself down the stairs.


There are a bunch of cakes in the kitchen (some shitehawk or other’s birthday or something, idk). The only ones I can eat are the cupcakes.

Going to leave it till half three and if any are left I’ll have one.

wouldn’t thank you for a cupcake tbqh


just got a salted caramel green tea

cupcakes are pretty rude anyway. basically a slap in the face. get a real cake, dickhead.


I can’t, they’ve all got cream in and I’d literally fart a hole through my pants.

had a gingerbread one earlier n all



Had a peanut butter sandwich but with sandwich thins instead of proper bread. Still hungry.

i’m now watching someone on youtube reviewing a cup of tea

i have lost control of my life


i quite like getting lost on youtube odysseys tbh, a very modern hobby of mine

everything is meaningless, it’s ok

what does she say about them? i quite like them.

i’m 1m 40 in and she’s just explained that the teas do *in fact* come in their own little envelopes