Banal Snack Thread


Tell me what you are:

  • snacking on
  • procrastinating on


I’m snacking on this:


had a banana just now
painting the living room / last minute lejog planning


Just had a protein bar. It was remarkably delicious.


Snacking on a cup of water :disappointed:

Just had my quarterly appraisal and everything’s coming up Milhouse so procrastinating as fuck for the next half an hour.


the fuck is this


Cake? :woman_shrugging:


looks like a dug puked up a party bag




Looks more like a treat.


Had 10 squares of ritter sport joghurt.

I am posting on DiS rather than giving my full attention to parenting and I feel ashamed but cannot stop the compulsion.


I’d rather eat the post it note.


You can go and join japes in a thread that is not this one.


I have had

2 x double stuff Oreos
4 x fox’s crunch creams
4 x Choco bons



I’ve been terribly snacking on those m&ms today (which I shouldn’t!!) but now I have popchips (salted)


Top snacking witches, you can stay.


Should’ve gone bbq flavour tbh




Japes knows nothing. He made apple soup the other day.


I know right, what a loser