Banal, then



just used one of those rotating vending machines like this and chose the wrong bloody thing, didn’t it? literally knew it was going to happen as well. what u snackin’ on?

gonna pull a late one tonight so might order pizza in but think there’s only dominos. gross.


american apparelled has gone bust. wonder if that means there’ll be some decent cheap hoodies kicking about soon?

might get a coffee


There’s some Celebrations in the kitchen. I’ve already had three though, don’t think I can reasonably go back for round four.


I’m in the market for a hoodie myself.

Also I hate them but would gladly buy cheap shit.

Just had a muffin. Drinking tea.

Got a documentary film night thing later. Then home to see how much rolling election bollocks I can last for.


could do with a new hoodie masel, might pop in and see what’s what


What are people celebrating? Good times?


Come on!


I feel like you’re always eating pizza… is this a thing? Am I imagining this?


thought people didn’t like them because the guy was a peodo or something


are you thinking of whiterussian? i’m the burrito guy.


no snacks

I saw a man in the park singing nirvana’s about a girl very loudly and very out of tune, it was great


Fuck it, I’m going back in.


gonna make malayan corn chowder tonight


what did you get/what did you want?


Hmm, no, I reckon you’re the pizza guy because I know you better than you know yourself.

I’m a snackin’ on a single truffle. I’m trying to show restraint but I’ll predictably get a taste for it and proceed to devour the entire packet… any minute now…


only one way to find out

eric is the:

  • pizza guy
  • burrito man
  • don’t know who he is, pal

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hey witches, i joined the gym earlier! :slight_smile:
all i need to do now is actually go and do some exercise


Haha Yipeeee!!! That’s brilliant!!! Have you booked an induction then? What exactly are you planning on doing there? Get totes ripped?

There’s no friggin’ way I’m going to the gym later… though, you saying you joined is making me think I should stick to my half of the deal. Should I go? The decision is in your (soon to be totally ripped) hands.


Haha goddamnit. FINE.

Ooo wait, it was 100% but andyvine agrees with me! YES! Lemme me just vote…


nowt like sticking a spanner in the works. hes a pizza guy, through and through