Banal, then



is it?


she offered me an induction but i can’t be fucked with all that so i said no, which i’ll no doubt regret :slight_smile:
dunno as yet, quite happy just to get on the treadmill and maybe the bikes. yeah, and then get working on those abs :wink:

to be honest, i put a suit on last week that i hadn’t had on in about 6 months and it was certainly a tad tighter than before, and being the vain c**t that i am i thought to myself 'nope, not having that’
Vanity is a great motivator :slight_smile:

of course you should go! will i go, well that remains to be seen.


this is like being happy that george galloway is on your side in a political debate



:frowning: omg


Ach I’m new! I’m blissfully unaware of such things.


Haha! Okay, I’ll go. If you don’t hear from me again you’ll know why.


wait, hold the fucking phone here, if you go then i have to go. if you don’t then i won’t feel as bad when i envitably don’t make it along later


AYE! ON YA GO. You’ll feel terrible but then you’ll feel brilliant. I’ve booked it!


fuck sakes, damn you Witches :slight_smile:




fucking 18.99 for a dominos pizza!!! :rage:


Torn between righteous outrage and “that’s what you get for ordering domino’s, you twat”.

Pls advise


working out in the boonies, is literally the only option apart from the indian place that gave me the epimers and ripped me off for 2 beers, so…


Looked on HUKD etc for a voucher?


Surely you can do better than one pizza for £18.99. There must be a better value deal than that. “Couples meal deal” is only advisory, you’re free to ignore it.


too late, ordered like the biggest mug of all time. delivery 60-75 minutes :expressionless: