Banal thread feat. afternoon snack


banal: i have three hours left til i can go home but suspect i may be stuck here late

snack: just got myself a chai latte (think i have a problem) and a chocolate brownie
8/10 snack game tbh


Sounds like someone doing that experiment where you make a coffee and a tea


it’s basically just warm milk with a dusting of cinnamon on top

costs about £3 obviously


still quite full up from lunch tbh

had a couple of salted almonds and now got a biscuit and some tea


:thinking: reckon i could get on board with these


9 bar raspberry and choc bar. About to go Aeropress me a coffee in the work kitchen like an absolute prick.


only recently discovered aeropress. seems a bit of a faff tbh, just as easy to make a cafetiere and you don’t waste any filters.


WAY easier to clean than a cafetiere. Hardly a waste of the earth’s natural resources if it saves me the ball ache of rinsing out that meshy bit of a cafetiere.


Bought a box of Quality Street fruit creams in the Christmas aisle in Tesco. Eating a handful of those.


gonna have a cup of tea and a kit kat soon I think


tell it to the disappearing rainforests, friend!!


ran out of my own tea, so having some office-supplied lipton, and it is terrible. Accompanied by a cote d’or mini chocolate and a lotus speculoos biscuit. 2 hours until I leave, but I have approximately 3 1/2 years worth of work to catch up on


Think I ate two whole Pizza Pilgrims pizzas for lunch. Can’t handle a snack, so nursing a lovely cold can of Diet Coke.


two whole pizzas?!?! :grimacing:


literally just watching netflix at work on a big screen


Someone is leaving so the boss brought a fuck tonne of pizzas. I was eating by the slice (they were quartered!) and I reckon I had at least seven over the course of an hour or so…


Ate this like an hour ago.


have you got a closer shot? bit difficult to see it


My eyes!


I was trying to obscure my face as much as poss! I think I just about managed.