Banal thread feat cake-making question FAO bakers and boozers

Making a Guinness cake tonight as it’s my wife’s birthday on Wednesday. Here’s my question, we all know Guinness from anything other than a barrel in a boozer is a load of shite so can I buy a single can from an offie or a corner shop or summink? That’s a thing right?

Anyway enough about me, how are you doing?

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Annoyingly I reckon Bammers would be the expert here but he’s done one for a bit innit.

Not really a question for bakers is it, prick!


Hope the cake making goes well, irons!

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I guess it’s not, no.

Thank you, I’ve never made it before but it looks like a piece of piss?

You should see a doctor if your piss looks like that! Hahaha

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So much #banter in the thread already. Lovely stuff.

Guinness cake it the business. Hope you’ve got a cream cheese frosting to go on top? When I’m making Guinness cupcakes i crush a flake over the top of the icing.

Bloody love chocolate Guinness cupcakes

Hoping Nige does me proud.

It’s been a lot of fun, hasn’t it. Got a few calls and that so won’t check in on this thread again for a couple of hours but I really hope that it keeps this level of quality and good humour in my absence. All the best

I use an adapted version of this for my cupcakes. The smell when you are cooking the chocolate/beer batter in the pan is immense.

Btw I always had the problem of not wanting to buy four cans of Guinness so I’d check out the reduced section of Tesco and they’d sometimes have multipack cans that had come apart and they’d be sold singly or in twos.

Nothing quite says Happy Birthday like



I’m reading between the lines here laefs, I’ll steal 1 can on your advice, cheers.

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My wife makes Guinness gingerbread sometimes. It’s absolutely banging. You should be able to get a can or bottle loose in an offie, it’s never come up cause I don’t mind the cans so just buy 4 and neck the rest.

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you can buy guiness in shops, yes


You’re doing god’s work funkman.

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Ooft the banter bus continues in aggers’ absence.

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Is that a ‘I don’t believe you face’ or is that a ‘why have I never tried this incredible thing face’?