Banal thread feat. ice cream

how long to go?
if you could have any ice cream/lolly right now, what’d it be?
friday night plans?

  • 3 hours
  • Twister
  • train

2 hours 15 minutes
One of those dark chocolate and raspberry magnums


hitting the gym on a friday night eh? that’s dedication

  • An hour and a quarter.

  • Do they still do those shandy ice lollies? I had a sudden nostalgic urge for one of those.

  • House to myself, probably gonna drink cider and play vidya. Might get back into Overwatch. Or continue sucking at Rocket League. One or t’other.

oooooh. how much is a mcflurry these days?


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Was bad enough cycling this morning in this heat :sweat:

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Finished already.

A zoom or a lemonade sparkle.

No plans at all. Knacked and I have a busy day ahead tomorrow.

2.5 hours
TV and I are going climbing (indoors) with my dad

hitting the gym on a friday night eh? that’s dedication


2.5 hours, if I leave on time
Feast or cherryade lolly
Hypnotherapy then tidying house for someone staying tomorrow.

3 hours
drinking 1 or 2 cans of polish beer while watching a shite film about hobbits and men

you’re sat in a park and a bloke with a little portable freezer is walking around selling ice creams but only has these 3 options

  • strawberry cornetto
  • white magnum
  • cider lolly
  • no thank you, suspicious salesperson

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Having to review an SOP and desperately trying to find something wrong with it so it doesn’t look like I haven’t bothered.

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1hr 8min
read a book in a park it’s not actually warm here

Omg work gave us vienetta!!!

  • already home, obvs
  • ahm oot
  • might stare at the walls some more, dunno

That is a good poll on accounts of those being three truly shit options. Nice poll work.

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