Banal thread feat. ice cream

  • already home, obvs
  • ahm oot
  • might stare at the walls some more, dunno


That is a good poll on accounts of those being three truly shit options. Nice poll work.


Clearly says it’s Activia


don’t actually know what a cider lolly is but i am intrigued


they’re well nice, no cider in em tho

just apple ice


Given up on wfh so am on my way to the beach
Gonna hang out at the beach with the tv and a great dog


yes please


Remember Solero Shots?


were they little balls of ice*?

*meant to be balls of ice but that had always melted into a puddle


They’re the ones aye.


Do you remember them though?


In an uber with the windows down and summery tunes blasting, amazing what small things can cheer me right up :slight_smile:


Flavourless ice pellets.


ooh fuck tell you what, i’d go a calippo


yes i certainly do


Nice one.


“Sounds like a band name!”

One of the worst things that people sometimes say.


Old Blue Last,
£4 otd/students £7

  1. dunno
  2. also dunno
  3. also dunno, think some people might be coming to the flat and we might go for drink or something but mostly dunno


I’ve only ever been past the Old Blue Last never in it