Banal thread for the people against the establishment

really want another coffee but don’t know if i should. feel like i’m in the shit at work even though i shouldn’t be.

s’going on? wi’yoo?

Mad how four day weeks drag so much more than five day weeks sometimes innit.


I’ve done no work today and feel incapable of starting now.

But I’m also really bored and know the best way to pass the time is to do some work.

And yet

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too much expectation of how quick they’re going to go innit. brutal.

been waiting on a piece of code to deploy for hours so just been fuckin around. it’s just finished now though so gonna have to actually do some work

I really like the new Paramore song

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Quite looking forward to listening to the second half of a podcast on the way home tonight. It will be the actual highlight of my day. Sad!

Gonna blaze one for 420 anyone?


I’m listening to lots of really bad music. Is it bad that I get enjoyment from it?

Today is my Friday and this is longest effing week ever.

i just had a boost so you should have a coffee

if you enjoy it, is it bad music?

haven’t smoked weed in about 5 years, think it would probably ruin me now

last time i got stoned i told someone my name was daryl


deep. but yes, it 100% is bad.

Slytherin, actually.

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I’m on a skype call and I’m not really listening and I need a poo. I really feel like un muting my mike to announce that I need a poo.


I’m off to Paris tonight after work. Going to be meeting up with a(n ex?) DiSer at a gig whilst i’m there.

Alright, ESA.

I was in a telephone conference once where someone was called in to answer something about four times in 20 minutes, and the fifth time he said “sorry, I’d just nipped to the loo.”

Aye pal, for a MEGAPOO!