Banal thread for tuesday

To understand the plot - no. But you’ll probably be a bit confused about a few of the characters.

OK thanks. I get easily confused anyway so this won’t be a huge shock to me.

Basically anyone blue is kind of a baddie but with close ties to the heroes.

Anyone been employed through an umbrella company? I am as of recently and maaaan they’re a bunch of crooks.

didn’t gowman work designing umbrellas?

new guy in the office is breathing really loudly.

yes but there was an outbreak and the whole facility was nuked unfortunately!!!


I wish it was a literal umbrella company.

boss just told me that all the work i’ve done today is basically useless. sweet.

I succeeded at something just after lunch and I’ve been coasting on that since.

just had a quick look at my colleague’s inbox - 241 unread emails.

fuck me.


assume that’s a personal account though, right? still relatively unforgivable, but there’s no way you’d have almost 4000 emails unread in your inbox and still be employed.

No, that’s my work email account.

You’re doing well. Wor Lass has gone on a bit of a flapjack-making rampage recently and I’ve been tasked with eating the consequences. My life is hard.

I’ve spent longer watching David Lynch films today than I did manning the picket lines. No word from the union as to whether we’ve reached agreement but I could do with being back at work soon.