Banal Thread ft Ice Lollies


What’s going on? How hot is your office? What ice lollies have you had so far this summer? I’ve just had a Feast.


I had two calippos yesterday. An orange and then later a lime. Which is the way to do it due to the stronger taste of the lime.


You’ve only had a Feast? Or you had one recently?


My office is hot, too hot really

but I think we are going to leave soon and go to the pub


Cornettos always have that frozen and unfrozen crystals thing and also soggy wafer. Twist-Not always though I had some yesterday that were perfect.


Several Twisters (all indoors - classic netflix and chilled dessert) and one Mr Whippy with a single flake outdoors.


We get a free Feast, Magnum, Cornetto or Calipo every Friday from June through to the end of August. Mostly I go for the Feast.


I had some Calippos a few weeks ago. Need to get my lollying on.


Mr Whippy with a flake… they should think of a name for that.


We’re on a cool 23.6 degrees which I must say is my optimum indoor office temp.

I had one of these yesterday and it was OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.


I had a pear flavoured one a few weeks back when it was hot. As mentioned though, it’s not particularly warm here right now. Am hoping this changes though, would like to go bare legged and wear a nice summer dress.


only calippo for me too. wanted a lime but it was a choice between a melted, leaky lime and a frozen orange.

went orange.


I’ve eaten 3 x magnum fruity things (nice, but not proper magnum size like I expected)

Several nice ice creams from the nice ice cream place (I’m not going to call it gelato as I am decent human being, but it is technically gelato)


no ice lollies or ice creams of any kind so far




Orange calippo, intrigued by yet vaguely afraid of trying the lime one


Go and get yourself a lolly noisey


I got 99 problems but coming up with a name for a whippy with a flake ain’t one


what this now

was in the park at lunch time and there was a dude eating a magnum that was layers of chocolate and caramel and for some reason he was describing it to the person he was sitting next to, like an advert or something, well in earshot of me and it was really hard not to immediately go and buy one