Banal Thread ft Ice Lollies

Hello, going to view a flat later, it looks quite lovely in the photographs. Wonder what the catch will be.

it’s fucking sweltering in here. i’ve had many asda value cornettos

no they were magnum branded - can’t find em online either.

Did i dream it?

Had 2 (two) knockoff Saino’s Cornettos yesterday, they were a bit meh.

Having an impromptu bbbq tonight and some g&ts in the sun :blush:

wouldn’t mind a twister right now

I always love a twister until about half way through when it becomes sickly and a chore. Imagine my deep joy when I realised that they do mini size ones. Got some for the nipper, have mostly eaten them myself though.

oh - they were Haagen Daz

sorry everyoneäagen-dazs-mango---raspberry-ice-cream-bars-3x80ml

Just had a twister but would not consider this to be an ice Lolly due to its milk content.


  • Ice lolly
  • Ice cream

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if its on a stick its a lolly pal

going to later


Not an ice lolly so feel free to ignore

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A magnum is a lolly then?

Come on mates!

a magnum is a fancy choc ice. obviously.


remove the stick and it becomes a choc ice

these are the rules


I will die on this hill!!!

I’m hot bored and irritable


By these rules a corn dog is an ice lolly

stop this madness tim


ice cream lolly?

only americans eat corn dogs

Ice treat/ice cream are the only two acceptable options

not having this