Banal thread, mate

absolutely caning down here. just saw lightning!

might have a cuppa and some biscuits tbh

We’ve got some serious hail here W1

fixed a door lock, that’s enough work for today

drinking some fizzy water

Another driver brought us a cake in this morning, we’ve just dived into it.

I’m afraid it’s getting marked down big style for the abundance of coffee cream on it. Had to force the last bit of it down.

No hail here. Just rain, although there is potential snow and ice in the forecast overnight.

43 minutes(ish) to go.

Doing a bit of reading.


Fucking LOVE coffee cream on cakes. Send it here.

surely the cream is the money spinner on a cake, the sponge is fine but it plays a secondary role to the cream, it support the cream really

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I’m not a massive fan of cream in any case, but there was loads of it. And it was coffee flavoured.

That’s basically the cream dream!

Not for me, Clive

Fucking, what? :smiley:

Oh fuck off rain

Still not been given my title from that other thread :neutral_face:

can’t see outside, can I

thanks for remind me to change the lock on my back door

really really needed a poo earlier and I went to go en route to somewhere else and my colleague was like “I’ll join you” so I had to hold it in for ages and I just wanted to say “can you not, I really need a poo”



Are you asking what I’m reading?

should’ve just done it and maintained a conversation like nothing was happening

(behind a closed door obviously, I’m not a monster)

there should be a universal “I need a poo desperately, please don’t look at me” look you can give someone so they know I reckon

tbh I think I need one again, what is happening?

has everyone seen the baglegate video doing the rounds on Twitter?