Banal thread tbh

have a choice of tetley or typhoo tea bags. which is better?

  • tetley
  • typhoo
  • don’t bother

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what’s going on? i have 5 hours left at work and possibly nothing to do.


Genuinely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Tetley and Typhoo, sorry M12.


Typhoo reminds me of Warwickshire bungalows (this is not a good association)

Typhoo is proper English Brexit tea innit.

the typhoo bag has a picture of nigella on it for some reason if that helps at all

On the actual teabag?


Tea bags are more or less the same. Doesn’t matter.

Oddly enjoying this work task (trying to tear apart someone else’s patent) but also I’m very lazy so it’s still going slowly.

No snacks here, but probably going to have a disgusting burger in the pub later anyway, so that’s fit the best.

the bag containing the teabags

Just gonna listen to La Isla Bonita a few more times and get my brain around some maths. Then leave the office late and go and put a blind up in the guest bedroom sigh

  • agree
  • disagree
  • depends

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Never heard it called…? No.

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Had four Linda Mac sausages in my sandwich for lunch. Still pretty full.


still bored

gonna get some tea (twinings) and a biscuit(s)

Well that’s more sensible.

oh yeah i had a couple of bourbons as well

On the way to the airport for amsterdam workshops. Wooo…

  • bor-bonn
  • bor-buhn
  • bur-buhn
  • …other?

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Just proper whacked my funny bone