banal thread to discuss

  • the remainder of your work day (if applicable)
  • your snacking situation
  • plans for your friday evening

I’m going to get some farty crisps in a minute from coop

Ive left. En route to drinks and hangs

  • pissing about on here for the next 22 mins
  • none other than sipping on some carb juice
  • brief appearance at some leaving drinks, dinner with my parents (aiming for Vietnamese), earlyish night
  • I’m waiting for the train home

  • No snacks at present, but someone brought some cupcakes in earlier

  • Pub


Reckon I’ll flex off home about now
There are some pringles in the house I’ll probably eat some of before heading out to see Big Thief (I don’t really know much about them, are they good?)

1 hour left
No snacks, losing weight.
Have dinner (jacket potatoes with tuna mayo), do some washing, maybe shave, watch Veep.

  • just sent my big piece of work for the day so now I’m picking up loose ends until I can legitimately leave
  • not hungry after my lunchtime pizza for snacks but I’ve got some dried apricots should I feel the need
  • no plans, thinking about the cinema

Non-viet? Marathon tomorrow or Sunday?

Yep, gonna try there although wasn’t able to get through to make a booking. It’s on Sunday :slight_smile:

got approx 1.5 hours left til pub. just had some cheese n onion squares and a single finger of twirl. going to the pub with work for one, then off out to see some heavy metal bands.

i’ve swapped out my work chair for one of those yoga balls and i feel like a prick

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forgot to add: AOB

  • No work today
  • Currently snacking on pizza
  • Going to a vineyard later for some red wine in the fields, then party at ATD’s house
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At work @8 for night shift
Killing the snack game

It’s basically midnight.

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  • bunked off at 4:10
  • massive pile of Ritter sport, courtesy of my girlfriend’s recent trip to Berlin
  • off to the Star & Shadow to watch a documentary about Jane Jacobs and 1960s NYC, then maybe to the Northern Alchemy taproom for some :beers:

I am on a train to Edinburgh. Just had a pack of paprika MAX.


Big man

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Work - about done
Snacking - none
Tonight - :thinking::thinking::thinking: