banal thread to discuss

Work - about done
Snacking - none
Tonight - :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Just stopped at Crafty Devil for a pint and to watch some cricket before gig time in a bit. Probably gonna have a chicken po’boy while I’m here.

Happy bank holiday finishing time DiS!

Those pizza crisps do not taste like any pizza I’ve ever had before.

Need to finish writing a newsletter, email my boss a contract with important clauses highlighted, start /finnish drafting a safeguaring policy and send a few chaser emails for things people owe me.

Cocktails are being served in five minutes though

Later I have a lot of red cabbage to do something with

I’m home. Gona eat hot dogs then go round to a friend’s place and drink.

He’s not finished he’s only 28

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Bought a bottle of white spirit.

Still at work

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3 and a bit hrs remaining. Gotta catch up on a load of due diligence before the 3 day weekend.

Have an entire shop full. Temptation is high, but can’t snack as I’ve had a massive slice of cookies and cream cake and half a bag of veggie percies today.

Dinner, beer , bed