Banal thread

boss has been away for a couple of days but is coming back soon to review what i’ve done. absolute dread. hurry up 6:30pm please.




so bloody much to do but i just have absolutely no motivation

kind of dreading going back to the isle of shite tonight because the journey is going to take fucking forever jfc

I’ve tried to sneak off for a quick nap but people keep emailing me. It’s like they know.

Finishing a job then getting ready for this event tomorrow. Have to go to a meeting about it at 7.30 tonight then off out for Thai with some of the people I’ve been organising it with plus some people coming tomorrow. Dread levels currently 7.5/10

One of the people coming for dinner tonight was my mentor for a bit, when we first met we ended up chatting about music and it turned out this elegant woman in her 60s was a massive Replacements fan so I went and stayed with her in London and we went and saw them at the Roundhouse together. She’s the best.


what a heartwarming story!

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slow on here today innit

Just doing some work

I keep thinking it’s Friday then remembering it isn’t Friday

Back to My Roots is playing on the radio - tuuune

got a load of work to do and only really figured out that i had this morning. not let that stop me from doing nowt though. ive been asked to write some templates for emails and i asked the rest of the team what they want me to write and one sent me a really quite crap email he sent to someone last week and the other sent me somethng that has nothing to do with it. fuck 'em, going home in an hr

hey you

i’m just eating a yogurt

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drinking some eric-juice, doing some work

u ok hun?

(seriously, if it would help to vent on here, vent away :slight_smile: )

Nice - what’cha eating?

I’ve been making swiss bircher muesli for the past month with Fage Total (full fat) and chucking some pomegranate seeds in :ok_hand:

Crawling towards 1700 innit.

You’ll all be pleased to know that the cable box was promptly repaired following yesterday morning’s dramatic event so I will be fine to watch the soccer tonight.

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I was about to post that all is fine now! as I was walking out of my studio building a couple of BASSET HOUNDS plodded on up to me. It’s like they can sense when I’m feeling really grumpy. I LOVE THEM THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY :heart: :heart: :heart:

I took a very rubbish, very creepy photo of them as I passed them again on the bus -


work do huge pots of natural yogurt with a bit of compote or whatever in the bottom, just had one with pineapple stuff, was great

that bircher muesli sounds :100:, every time i’ve tried to make some it’s been awful

going to drink: some coffee
and eat: some nuts