Banal thread

I wear walking shoes on my commute (unless I’m cycling, duh).
Sometimes I take these off and put on my work shoes when I arrive at my desk. Sometimes I don’t bother.
Today I haven’t bothered.

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I’ve been pushing it later and later to change out of my Converse into my work shoes when I get to work.

The real incentive there is that I look like (more of) a twat until I do.

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I have about 6 pairs of shoes in my locker.

Unrelated: I keep picking a bit of skin on my knuckle.

I’ve absent-mindedly plucked a hole in one eyebrow. It’s quite noticeable.

Got my niece’s christening this weekend.

I’m about to walk to my mum’s house to change my shoes then walk into town from there.

i had a chai latte, gotten a bit addicted to them lately. quite shameful really.

In the market for a new phone so think I’m gonna try watch this google presser at 5 where they’re revealing the new Pixels. Mostly hoping the old ones come down in price

might have a pniks salted caramel green tea

might put some milk in it. undecided on the milk. packet said not to and basically insinuated only a dickhead would do so, but still…

oh my god please do not


normal green tea obvs no no. but this is a caramel bullshit thing. could do with a bit o’ milk, non?

to be fair, it can’t be much more of an abomination



I do the same!

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jesus christ don’t milk a green tea. That’s sub-mashing carrot into a baked potato behaviour.

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long lost delta blues classic


it’s not even green!!!111!!

yes it is!!!

fuck yous. milking it just to spite you now.

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You’re right, I can definitely style this out.