bAnAl ThReAd


answer me these questions three:

  • any snacking action happening?
  • time til beer?
  • plans for friday night?

  • No
  • I’m off all week, beer has begun
  • More beer



only just realised jelly beans don’t contain gelatin
will be filling my snout with them tonight


just had a bowl of couscous, so no
might go dry tonight, depends on q3
might go to the pub to play some darts


Alright man? Ooh need a poll for this, CEO has brought in some cakes and stuff, what should I go for:

  • Raspberry jam doughnut
  • Mince pie

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Time til beer - 1 hour, 17 minutes

Plans - evening in, gonna drink some wine and make some mushroom and spinach pies.

  1. Just ate some dairy milk buttons
  2. Approx 2hrs 45 mins
  3. Make a sausage hotpot (never heard it etc), drink beers (see point 2) and watch traditional friday night telly.


No, some cunt* ate all the Heroes in the kitchen and now there’s none left for anybody

Probably n/a

Probably not going to a gig about 100 ft from my house. Might play some Dark Souls, might stick on some motivational music and start training hard for my upcoming penoid events.

*it was me. I am the cunt.

  • Nope

  • 165 minutes

  • No idea. Maybe jigsaw, maybe lego. Maybe Vietnam War documentary, maybe reading


might eat some crisps

could have a beer now, i’m lying in bed

might play glow in the dark mini golf :smiley:


are the mince pies out the oven? only time they’re acceptable imo


Might have a banana with my next coffee
Beer time will be 5ish
I’m going straight to a gig after work as doors open at 6… don’t really like that though. Might see some DiSers there! Will be drunk either way.


What?! Where on earth is this? Sounds amazing!


got some pickled onion monster munch
prob lay off the beer tonight, might have a hot toddy though
nm except for sitting on the sofa and watching netflix shite most likely


mate I’m just having lunch (cock-a-leekie cheers)
might try and stay off it tonight
pictures mibbe, dunno


played tennis earlier. lost again. 3rd loss on the spin. my backhand has gone to pot maan





Fraid not man, hot out of the packet :frowning_face:

Also maybe take it to the ‘foods that are better heated up but you can’t be arsed’.


yeah that’s a top contender


In d’airport. Got a free whisky and a free coffee. They’re playing Christmas songs ffs


been meaning to check it out for ages, might finally do it tonight