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Turns out I didn’t really know what a Jerusalem artichoke was. I thought it was like this (like an artichoke)

it’s actually like a potato?

Is it used for anything other than soups?

Don’t answer this!

I’m about to kick off a massive commercial disagreement between two big companies. Then I’ll probably have a final cup of tea and try to nip off home early.

Well this is what I wanna know because I’ve got some in my veg box haven’t I.
Got well excited because I love me an artichoke but it’s a potato and i don’t have a clue what to do with it.

i didn’t know that either.

and now i do… ?

Just make a soup

I tell you what,

I don’t like artichoke mates.

Loads of work to do but just very can’t be arsed here.

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Good for making soup.

Makes some people fart uncontrollably though.

Dunno, but William Blake fucking loved them

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Oi oi! I signed up to DiS again today but have no idea how the reply system works and find it impossible to follow discussions within threads so will probably just disappear again. Hope all’s well?

What fearful symmetry!

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I was just reading about Monopoly and was reminded that all the places in London were picked by two chancers down from Leeds on a day trip. So basically you northern grumps like @zxcvbnm can now claim the London Monopoly board, and I hope it chokes you.

In other news I’ve been playing Vaya by At the Drive-In today and I’d forgotten how fucking great it is.

Going to go to a wanky bike shop on my way home ( and then get some cheese and biscuits.

Wine or beer tonight?

  • Wine
  • Beer

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Port is always.

Well if you’re having port after then do beer.

To hell with artichokes. Appalling faffing around-to-food ratio, the worst of any vegetable. The leaves have a tiny edible bit each and that’s it, not worth it for all the mess. The heart is covered in hair (wtf?) and you have to put it in lemon water right after you give it a haircut or it’ll go black because it’s so precious and fancy.

Artichoke hearts are okay, but just get them in jars, there’s no point actually cooking an artichoke.

You know what - artichokes are the vegetable equivalent of crab. Huge amount of mess and dicking about to get what amounts to three mouthfuls of actual food at the end.

Plus they taste shit.

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