Banal Thursday

Please someone do something to make these next 53 minutes go faster

Are you on your holibobs tomorrow niks? If so, WWOOOOO!!! Only 53 mins to go until ULTIMATE FUNTIMES.

I am working tomorrow. Train to Sheffield to the bike wankers at 8pm or some bullshit.

I’m off tomorrow but unfortunately have to take my son to the park where his year is having a meet up. I know one of the mums a very small amount and that is it.

How outrageous would it be to take my Switch? My wife says very.

I knew this over enthusiasm could potentially backfire slightly :blush: whoops. WELL, it used up a few minutes at least? :smiley: Excited for you and all the bike wankers. I wish I was a bike wanker. Don’t tell anyone tho.

I’m going to have an “epimer bun” in a minute because I don’t want to have to try to find dinner in Birmingham at 9 o’clock tonight.

Does ‘epimer bun’ mean poo?

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It does not.

But also yes.

what’s an epimer bun?

epimer bun = epimer bum

Whoops I thought it was Friday so I stopped doing stuff early.

It feels like Friday. I really want it to be Friday.

@profk, if you would please

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Depends how rude you want to look/care about looking. My advice is go for it otherwise you have to make polite conversation with a load of people you don’t really like and then keep up the pretence of friendship for the next 7 years…

Lot like DiS yeh?

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Bought the kids some crunchies so must be Friday…actually everyday is my Saturday at the moment so…dunno where I am

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Yeah, I mean if it was just a couple of them then I would struggle through and make small talk before bribing my son to leave early.

But I don’t want to join in with a load of them. Could just pretend to be on the phone for a couple of hours.

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I’m taking Jessica to the vet in a bit cos I’ve noticed the hair by her ear is all gummy and smells . Hope she’s ok - we are off on holiday on saturday so I’m worrying about having to delegate medical treatment to my neighbors while we are gone, as the cats tend to run away and hide when they come in

Well that’s cool! How much longer you got off?

I bought a few things slicky! They’re not very exciting tho, I found a really cool shirt on ASOS but as with all the cool things on ASOS it disappeared in the sale far too fast.

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Hi office drones and everyone else :wave:

Watching My Neighbour Totoro again with a very sluggish R slumped over me (he has a stomach bug). Was meant to be going to reading group to eat all the biscuits and cakes but will give it a miss now.

I guess i get to have two Fridays :heart_eyes:

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