Banal Thursday

You’re a good man for even going tbh.

About to watch Apostasy. There’s literally no one else at the cinema. Hope it stays this way. Afternoon screenings are great

Stitched up by my wife! My son would never have known had she not opened her mouth!

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Nice! I am always excited buying anything!! Another week and a few days, back on the 3rd. Should probably sort out my planning.

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like a man bun. eps has been wearing it that way for years.


NAE JOY LOL :joy: :joy: :joy:


Ooo! That’s good, I thought it might be quite soon but another week is brilliant. My friend went back the other day.

Haha, yeah I will be excited when I try them on and they fit, there’s always the fear they’ll look silly on me :scream:

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Only 38 minutes to go now

Just reading an article about how the new roadworks just about to start in Brighton near me could last 24 months. Marvellous :frowning:

My partner has asked me to pick up a bottle of robust red wine on my way home. What does this mean?

I’m driving to Brighton next week, where are these roadworks?

If you drop the bottle and it doesn’t smash that should mean it is robust enough.


Got it, thanks

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Only three more nights of camping. I can get through this.

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I think Buckfast comes in plastic bottles these days, so that should fit the bill.

How are the showering facilities?

I can’t have buckfast anymore

unless you get eaten :bear:

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Your partner commands it.

I’m heading through them on Saturday.