Banal vs. afternoon snack thread

banal: how bored are you right now? how long left?
snack: please tell me about your afternoon snack plans

banal: i’m so bored that i’m doing work that i know i will need to redo in a couple of hours when i get the correct footage
snack: went out to buy one but just bought a coffee instead. soz

Not that bored. Doing a really tedious job but I’ve got some choons on so it’s fine.

n/a. Can’t believe my chewing gum’s been nicked, that’s what was going to see me through.

banal: Extremely bored. 2:15 till I start the conference call with France/US that’ll probably last an hour.
snack: Gonna eat a Cadburys Snack and drink a can of something. Probably Coke/Dr Pepper if it’s there. Maybe fizzy Vimto because I’m a grown up. Was going to wait till later due to banal ^ but I want it now so fuck it.

I’ve got a multipack of toffee popcorn sitting in my 3rd drawer.

Might bust a pack out.

Also - Quite bored. Got work to do, but it needs to keep me occupied for today and tomorrow, so don’t want to do too much now. 2 and a half hours or so to go.

2 hours til I slink off

I have a vegan banana and chocolate chip bread from coco di mama for snack I guess? Or is that a treat? I think it’s a treat. I’m holding out til 3:30 to have it.

  • snack
  • treat

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Too schmancy for a snack that.


v bored - been in solid calls/ meetings for the last 2.5 hours

2.5 hours till home time - then another call from home at 7

got a twix xtra in my lunchtime meal deal - plan was to save it for later in the afternoon, but I ate it during the 1st conference call

it;s a snack if you are hungry, a treat if you are not really and just want to eat something nice

banal: pretty bored, just had a coffee to kill some time, edit : 1 hour to go
snack: to go with coffee got some biscuits. they are fuckin good biscuits tbf.




oof, not even a fan of orange chocolate but those look pretty special

its dark chocolate, orangey biscuit… so all clear on that front… :+1:

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Just had a cup of peppermint tea.

I’m transcribing another inteview and need to write itup properly, then going for “a beer”. Probably lots of beers, in other words. Probably in like three-ish hours.

Haven’t decided on snacks yet but I have an assortment of energy bars available, as well as some leftover chocolate from yesterday.

Had pate on toast but I didn’t have lunch, so it was more just ‘lunch’ than afternoon snack

just checked my bank account even though i knew it was going to make me miserable. got three invoices overdue, one of the is nearly a month overdue and the others are 1-2 weeks. :sweat: so fuggin hard just to get paid for work you’ve done.

Post is NOT empty you fuck

banana is such a misery snack

I’ve already had kettle chips and a tunnocks teacake at lunch tbf…