Banal Wednesday


I’ve basically run out of things to do here and I’m just waiting until 5pm.


Got a satsuma here.


Bounty bars are underrated


I think there might be a hole in my right shoe because my right foot feels damp but my left foot does not feel damp.


Agreed. Been eating a fuckload of the blue Quality Streets today.


You probably should check…?


i have just put on a second pair of socks because i am #cold


I’m quite warm, for a change. Anticipate this will only increase tonight as we’re gonna paint our spare room (!) and the heater would have been on all bloody day.

Who’d ya reckon’ll be the first DiSer to stay there?


I think I need a new shoe or shoes.


Uber but for people who just need one shoe?


I’ll file the patent application.




I’ll file the trade mark application.


i mean it was right there


Oh hang on, I’ve got another pair of work shoes already, that I bought when I had a hearing to go to but had left my work shoes in work.


i’ve been looking for a new pair of boots for approximately #AGES and still haven’t bought any. I find some i like online, then go to try them and think they just look shit

why do clothes look good on their own but when i put them on they look shit


did you get some ear muffs for the hearing?

this is a “joke” about ears


I also need some boots. Possibly a waterproof winter coat too. And a less stupid hat. Also new gloves.

cba though


Clothes shopping is rubbish. I basically live in leggings, right, and all my leggings basically need replacing and all I need to do is go onto Next’s website and order some and I can go and pick them up tomorrow or whenever but fucking hell I cannot be fucked.


It’s funny because I did need to wear headphones in the hearing because there was a simultaneous translation from German into English going on. But obviously when I speak English none of the Germans need a translator, so I’m the only one in the room with headphones on looking like a total, total prick.


is it funny tho