I really fancy a curry but there’s pork shoulder in the slow cooker so that’s not happening.

One hour and twenty five minutes.


do pigs even have shoulders?


This one’s certainly missing at least one of them.


I don’t want to see this thread fail

It’s likely I will pop into M&S and buy one of their big cheese and tomato SQUARE (rectangular?) pizzas on the way home


Get a ready meal jalfrezi or something, bang it on top of your pizza. BOSH


Spaghetti bolognese with Quorn mince for me.

Just went off on one about the person on the phone to my colleague, thinking they were on hold. They weren’t :smiley:

Hometime: Soon. The boss has just rang to say we can go once we’re done, which will be some time in the next 30-45 minutes I reckon.


I thought “go when done” always meant leave immediately?


nice avatar


Cant even drink tonight coz of antibiotics fffffffuuuu. Gonna eat some veggie burgers and go to bed at 8pm because ive got nowt else to do.


I’m meeting my friend about 5 mins from my office at about 5:45. Problem is, I can leave work at like 4:30 on a Friday.

What do I do?
I’m not drinking tonight.


slow cooker pork shoulder is pretty decent tbf


Aye but I want a curry.


Go to the shops?


fling some curry powder on it then


Sit in the toilets for an hour.


It’s already got jerk seasoning on it.


We are also “going to the shops” when she gets here! I don’t want to look at shops twice.

Might just go for a long walk.


As much as I would like to - If we go without being ‘done’, a lot of people won’t be getting any shopping tomorrow. I reckon the cons of that outweigh the pros of going home slightly early.


sounds good just fuck the curry off


Yeah but…

Might get a naan.