My colleague has a genuine, family-related reason to leave early today. Once he’s gone I’ll be the only one left in the office.

What’s the grace period I’ve to leave after he’s gone before fucking off myself?


As much time as it takes to be sure you’re not going to awkwardly bump into him on the way out


45 seconds.


started rewatching the staircase so just having a binge on that now. having a cup of tea also. REALLY excited about going out for a burrito later, meeting some nerds for drinks afterwards.


cannot be fucked, mates


I am gonna have such a pint when I finish.


I’ve had two Celebrations so far (Galaxy and Milky Way), with the possibility of more to follow.


Got a new car today and trimmed my beard.


big day for the b-man!


Do the indicators do that Audi cunt thing?


Not a clue (as I don’t use them) but I doubt it.


You driving that car up to Islington for half 5?


aye, looks slightly suss if you pass him on the stairs


what you eyeing up? i’d be going in for a 'teaser sharpish. they won’t last.


What did you get? Volvo man, I reckon.


Yeah, should be no issue parking round there.


Kuga ST-Line. It’s ruder than what I usually go for.

(I have different alloys)


Put your hazard lights on, you’ll be fine.


This suits you