An hour to go.

Let’s do this.

The answerphone light is flashing on my colleague’s phone and it’s really annoying me.

did you know Balonz hasn’t posted since April 12th?

The piadina man wasn’t at the farmer’s market today, so I had to have a misery lunch.


I just applied for MasterChef.


Just posting this to assist with your last hour’s work

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going to go for a walk now but it looks well sketch outside.

How’s it for y’all?

fuck this day is draaaaaaagging

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I so hope he’s okay.

Raining :cold_sweat:

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only liking the first part just so you know

Is it hard? If it’s quite simple I might apply for a laugh.

how’s everyone’s afternoons going? anything mad happening?

i am not having the best afternoon tbh but i am going to the pub later

Just about to play football and the weather is awful.

At least I brought a bag with me though :smirk:

Hoping to leave on time today but my boss is being a total flake as usual. Pissing it darn as well and i didnt bring my waterproof jacket!!

now that’s something to look forward to! :slight_smile: :beers:

been dragging out writing this one stupid document for aaaages

i hope you get on it so i dont have to worry about who my favourite is for that episode (this is something i worry about)

done fuck all today, its been really nice. we talked about cheese for a bit coz sam didnt eat cheese when he was a kid, we talked about ice cream for a bit coz sam said the best ice cream was mr whippy, we talked about a video shop in west didsbury for a bit (cant remember why), we had a meeting where some guy talked to us for a bit about differential attainment of black and minority ethnic doctors compared to white british doctors, we talked about falling asleep in gigs for a bit, we talked about cake for a bit, good day overall

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Gunna do a bike ride on my bike after work I reckon,

Work meal and drinks with new-starter tonight, the Nickelback fan. We’re having Tex-Mex!