Boss has just left the office for the day. Wants me back in tomorrow as well. Not gonna do anything for the next 2 hours, am i? Might go get a coffee.


might get a coffee too

and by ‘get’ i mean ‘make’

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I’m going to leave at half four for an opticians appointment.

Nobody tell my boss that it isn’t actually until half six.

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Getting a £700 tax rebate, just at the right time really, that’s me dossing off the rest of the Summer :thumbsup:


This is going to be the greatest two and a half weeks of your life.


I appreciate your efforts to piss on my chips but I’m aware how miserable it’s going to be anyway, slightly pretending even that I even have any say in it.

I dunno. Here for another 1 hour 20 minutes.

Do I want a drink? Can someone make it for me please? Thanks.

Hah, I do that.

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I was more pissing in the general direction of the Great British weather.

Genuinely pleased at your good fortune. :+1:


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My job for today and tomorrow can easily be done in less than a day (and I’ve done it in one afternoon in the past), so I’ve spent all day trying to drag it out as much as possible.

In order to leave myself an hour or two’s work for tomorrow, I’ve literally done no work since about 1300.

At least the boss is on holiday, so hometime should be 45 mins to an hour earlier than normal.

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It’s quite shocking how little work any of us do, isn’t it?


it is very very bad

Speak for yourself, pal. I’ve sent TWO (2) emails today and booked a haircut at the weekend.

My boss is back after two weeks away which is rubbish. Still in maximum doss mode though, just dgaf.

Pub at 5.30 sharp for me. One of my best mates at work is leaving at the end of the week, so it’s a pub-every-night kinda week.

Update - I’ve just responded to an email and changed the colour of a few things from pink (tbc) to blue (confirmed) on a Google doc…

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I just applied for a job

What are the odds of watching footage of dogs doing a shit on this one?